Terms & Conditions
1- By placing an order, you confirmed that you are minimum 18 years old or under the supervision of an adult who is at least 18 years old. Also, all the information you have provided are accurate, complete and not misleading.
2- Cool & Cool may cancel orders where we find that you have not dealt with us in good faith or have otherwise breached applicable laws, even if the
order has been confirmed and payment has been done.
3- You must register on Coolandcool.ae to be able to perform purchase on Cool & Cool online store.
4- Goods ordered by you remain Cool & Cool property until you pay for them in full.
5- Cool & Cool may provide special offers in relation to our goods from time to time. At any time, Cool & Cool may terminate any special offer without advance notice. If terminated, a special offer will apply to goods you ordered in good faith in accordance with these Terms before the special offer has terminated.
6- Cool & Cool reserves all rights to cancel the request for refund or exchange of goods.